Transforms Your Toilet
into a Soothing,
Motion Activated Night Light

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Forget Blinding Bathroom Light – GlowBowl’s Soothing Glow is Just Right Bright!

GlowBowl is the Perfect Soothing Light for the Middle of the Night

GlowBowl is Great for the Whole Family!

  • Transform ANY toilet into a nightlight
  • Universal Fit
  • Motion-activated - turns ON when you enter and OFF when you leave. GlowBowl automatically activates, lighting your way
  • Light Sensitive - Only activates in darkness
  • Select from 7 LED Colors with just the press of a button (blue, yellow, purple, white, aqua, red and green)
  • Carousel mode rotates colors automatically every 4 seconds, if selected
  • 5-Stage Dimmer to select your level of brightness
  • Water Resistant
  • Low Battery Indicator

GlowBowl turns your toilet into a motion activated led night light. The Perfect Soothing Light for the Middle of the Night

Tired of stumbling and struggling in the dark? GlowBowl is the LED motion-activated light that turns your toilet into a soft, soothing, colorful night light. Simply hook GlowBowl onto any toilet and select your favorite rainbow of colors.

The secret is Motion Sensor Technology. When you wake in the dark it turns on automatically and when you walk away it turns off.

Just select from 7 vibrant colors and use the 5-stage dimmer to customize GlowBowl to your desired brightness. Choose Carousel Mode to cycle continuously through all of the colors. Don’t stumble and fumble in the dark. Let GlowBowl gently light your way so you can hit your mark!